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Top Colors for Autumn and How to Pair Them with Makeup Looks

October 02 2023 – Paula Hayes

Pairing looks with the color palette of Fall 2023

Pairing looks with the color palette of Fall 2023

Are you looking to take your style to the next level this Autumn 2023? Look no further! In this blog post, we'll be exploring the top trending colors in this season's autumn color palette. And, with the right makeup shade pairing, you'll be able to rock the latest trends and make a statement that is perfect for the season. Read on to learn more about how to wear the season's hottest colors and to pair them with the perfect shades of makeup.


1) Fashion Color Trends for Autumn 2023

As the leaves change and the temperature drops, it's time to update our wardrobe and embrace the hottest fashion color trends for Autumn 2023. And there are no better places to look than a summary of the fashions that were on display at the Autumn/Winter New York Fashion Week and the palette of colors created for the Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report Autumn/Winter 2023/2024. This season, expect to see a beautiful blend of earthy neutrals, bold jewel tones, and playful pops of color. Shades like cinnamon, sea glass green, burnt orange, and mustard yellow will dominate the fashion scene, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere.Color chart New York Fashion Week Autumn-Winter 2023-2024

To complement these trendy colors, your makeup can play a crucial role in elevating your overall style. Consider pairing your outfits with makeup that accentuates the colors you're wearing. To do this opt for warm-toned eyeshadows in bronze or burgundy to enhance the richness of the autumn palette. For a bolder look, experiment with deep berry or plum lip shades that mirror the season's deep, romantic hues. You’ll also notice that coffee and latte colors play a major role this season.

But how do you master these colors as a darker skin toned beauty? Stay tuned as we delve deeper into understanding your skin tone, makeup tips for women of color, and the art of pairing makeup with the trending colors of Autumn 2023. With these insights, you'll be well-equipped to take your style to the next level and make a statement this season.





2) Understanding Your Skin Tone

Understanding your skin tone is essential when it comes to finding the perfect makeup shades that complement your complexion. The key is to identify whether you have warm, cool, or neutral undertones. 

Fitzpatrick skin tone scale

For a longer discussion on undertones, check out our blog post “Unlocking the Mystery: Tips on How to Find Your Skin Undertones”. One quick way to figure out your undertone is by examining the veins on your wrist. If they appear more blue or purple, you have cool undertones, while greenish veins indicate warm undertones. If you have a mix of both, you may have neutral undertones.

For women of color, it's important to consider the richness and depth of your skin tone when choosing makeup. Darker skin tones often look stunning in vibrant hues like bold reds, deep purples, and rich browns. Earthy tones, such as copper, bronze, and gold, can also enhance your features beautifully.

When it comes to foundation, it's crucial to find shades that match your undertones and provide the right level of coverage. We love to recommend our True Hues Flawless Finish Foundation because the shades are true skin tone matches, it blends effortlessly into skin and the medium-buildable coverage allows you to dial up or down the level of coverage to find the perfect finish for your unique complexion. Don't be afraid to experiment with shades until you find your perfect match. Most importantly, understanding your skin tone will not only help you choose the right makeup products but also ensure that your overall look is cohesive and flattering.


3) Makeup for Women of Color

Finding makeup that matches your skin tone can be a challenge, especially for women of color. The beauty industry has historically been lacking in inclusivity, but fortunately, things are changing. More brands are evolving to cater to a diverse range of skin tones. And here at Hue Noir, we are on a mission to ensure that women of color have the products and tools needed to express themselves through makeup in the shades that are most flattering to this diverse range of skin tones.Portrait of 6 women with each representing a skin tone shade on the Fitzpatrick skin tone scale

As women of color ourselves, we believe it's important to embrace your natural beauty and enhance your features. Deep, rich colors like burgundy, plum, and deep reds can look stunning on darker skin tones. These shades can create a bold and dramatic look that will make you stand out and go great with anything you wear. Additionally, metallic shades like copper, gold, and bronze can beautifully complement your skin tone and add a touch of glamour.

Remember to pay attention to undertones as well. For those with warm undertones, warm-toned shades like oranges, browns, and bronzes will bring out the warmth in your complexion. For cool undertones, cooler shades like blues, purples, and pinks can create a striking contrast.

Overall, the key to finding the perfect makeup for women of color is experimentation and confidence. Embrace your unique beauty and don't be afraid to try new colors and styles. With the right makeup, you can enhance your features and make a statement that celebrates your individuality.


4) Pairing Makeup with the Trending Colors of Autumn 2023

This year’s Autumn color palette breaks down into three categories – 1) warm autumn colors, 2) cool autumn colors, and 3) classic neutral autumn colors. It’s important to note that we believe that anyone can wear any of these colors. But if you are planning your wardrobe and pairing it with makeup for the season, we see these three autumn color categories working particularly well with different looks you might choose. Check out our category suggestions below!


Warm Autumn Colors
Warm autumn colors and model wearing complimentary colors






The warm autumn colors work particularly well with dressier season looks. Think date night, brunch with friends, or after hours work events when choosing from the warm color category.









Cool Autumn Colors
Cool autumn colors with model wearing complimentary colors






The shades in the cool autumn color category play extremely well for casual and playful, laid-back looks. Think denim jeans and a great sweater while running errands, grabbing coffee with a friend, or shopping.








Neutral Autumn Colors
Neutral autumn colors with model wearing complimentary colors




The neutral color category gives you opportunities to have fun with different looks. Think smokey eyes or statement lipsticks which will work perfectly to stand out in this color palette for a more professional look. Or take your looks from day to night by choosing more neutral understated makeup shades during the day and transitioning to a statement look for an event after work.











That’s it, everything you need to rock the latest color trends and make a statement that is perfect for the season! Click here to shop our Fall Collection of makeup in the shades that compliment this seasons fashions. We hope your Autumn is full of warmth, style and good times with family and friends.   
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