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3 Lipstick Colors You Must Have In Your Makeup Bag

July 29 2019 – Christina Brown

3 Lipstick Colors You Must Have In Your Makeup Bag

3 Lipstick Colors You Must Have In Your Makeup Bag

In honor of National Lipstick Day, we’ve pulled together a rundown of the top three lippie colors you can’t live without. Lipstick is an easy way to express yourself and make a statement. It puts the finishing touch on your look. Whether you’re a newbie, or a well-seasoned makeup guru looking for inspiration, here’s a breakdown of the 3 lipstick colors you must have in your makeup bag:

1. Classic Red

No surprise this is first on the list. When you think of iconic lipstick looks worn by powerhouse women, they were more than likely donning red lipstick. Red is such a classic color and it looks beautiful on so many shades and complexions. Hue Noir’s classic reds include Carmen Jones and our 10 year anniversary shade Hail To The Queen. If you don’t have this classic in your makeup bag, snag one in our Lipstick aisle.

2. Basic Nude

For those days when less is more, every makeup enthusiasts needs a basic nude lipstick for everyday wear. Whether you don it to work, or on the weekend for the “no makeup” makeup look, nude lipstick is a must in your makeup bag. From our collection, try Honey Chile for fairer complexions or Femme Fatale for deeper complexions.

3. Fun Fuchsia

You need at least one wildcard in your lipstick arsenal! Something super fun to wear on special occasions or when you want to switch it up. The third color your should invest in is a fun fuchsia! Hot pink, some call it, is a great color that compliments brown skin and offers an alternate to classic red with a punch of bright color! Our Fuchsia on Fire is a fan favorite that won’t disappoint.

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