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Our Story

Hue Noir Cosmetics - Blending COLOR + SCIENCE + TECHNOLOGY,

Our Goal

Hue Noir is on a mission to change the face of beauty by putting multicultural women at the center of the modern beauty movement. Blending COLOR + SCIENCE + TECHNOLOGY, we develop innovative, everyday makeup solutions ideal for customers with nuanced skin tones ranging from fair to deep.

Multicultural women have long been challenged to find high-caliber cosmetics in shades that work with their skin tones while providing long-lasting benefits like oil absorption, moisturization and extended wear. Hue Noir set out to give women more choices and better options for achieving their desired look, developing formulas designed specifically for the varied and unique complexions among women of color. Our True Hues Flawless Finish Foundation, for instance, is available in 25 true-to-skin-color shades. Further, our products are formulated to emphasize a woman’s natural beauty while nourishing and protecting her skin.

Hue Noir was founded by Paula Hayes.
 True Hues Flawless Finish Foundation - 25 true-to-skin-color shades

Our Science

Hue Noir was founded by Paula Hayes, a product chemist and woman of color inspired by the challenge of finding quality cosmetics that complemented her complexion. Personally aware of the beauty industry’s limited makeup options for her and women like her, Paula embarked on a mission to rethink cosmetic formulas and put multicultural women at the center. Her goal was to create products calibrated to interact well with darker complexions and trusted for their consistent high quality.

With her background as a chemist, Paula began to develop makeup formulas specifically suited to women of color. Today, we combine scientific-based research & development, custom-made manufacturing equipment, leading-edge light and color technology, and innovative luxury ingredients to design textures and shades guaranteed to work for women of color. With products ranging from hydrating lip butters to true-to-hue foundations, Hue Noir relies predominantly on natural ingredients for worry-free, everyday wear for even delicate skin. All our products are cruelty free, hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic.

Hue Noir -  Custom-made manufacturing equipment
Hue Noir - Leading-edge light and color technology

Our Production

Since our inception in 2009, Hue Noir has been run by women of color for women of color. We are proud to oversee every step of production at our Portland-area location, from conception to manufacture and packaging. Our customized equipment and approach allow us to develop beauty products designed for multicultural women, helping them to look and feel their best.

Hue Noir Lipsticks - Manufacturing and packaging.
Hue Noir - All our products are cruelty free, hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic.