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3 Tips For Building A Brand From Boss Women

February 18 2019 – Christina Brown

3 Tips For Building A Brand From Boss Women

3 Tips For Building A Brand From Boss Women

This past weekend, Hue Noir kicked off its inaugural sponsorship of Boss Women's Black Girl Magic Tour with its first stop in Los Angeles. As a brand that was created for black women, by black women, Hue Noir is so excited to stand behind this organization for its first national tour.

The Black Girl Magic Tour was created in partnership with Boss Women to empower and inspire black women and to connect, engage and inform them around key topics surrounding entrepreneurship, side hustling, tools and resources they need as modern working women. 

Our founder and Chief Color Chemist, Paula Hayes, spoke on the topic of "Building A Brand" with a panel of other influential powerhouse women like Destiney Green of MomCrushMonday and Kinya Claiborne of Style & Society.

Here are 3 Tips For Building A Brand from the Black Girl Magic Tour LA:

Tip #1. Be The Change YOU Want To See

Our founder Paula Hayes spoke on the panel about why she created Hue Noir. She told a story about going to her favorite beauty store and asking for a new product she had heard about. When she went to the mall ready to purchase it, the store attendant told her "That doesn't come in your shade." That was the catalyst that got her experimenting with creating her own makeup products. She saw a problem - women of color didn't have the makeup options they deserved. She solved it and did something she was passionate about. The best way to build a brand is to start with something you want to change in the world.

(Destiney Green of MomCrushMonday wearing Hue Noir makeup)

Tip #2. Be Consistent

When you're building a brand, consistency is key. Whatever you do, strive to do it well and consistently so that your audience and customers know what to expect from you. Our Hue Noir Muse of the day - Destiney of MomCrushMonday - talked about how her brand has grown because of her beautiful visuals and consistent posting on Instagram. She keeps her visuals consistent with presets for her images, and by hiring great photographers who help her produce content. 

At Hue Noir, we strive to be consistent in our quality products. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee so that our customers TRUST us and believe in our brand as much as we believe in them.

Tip #3. Know Your Strengths (Hire Your Weaknesses)

The best way to build a brand is to focus on what you do best. You can't do it all yourself, so be wise and hire people to help you in the areas you need it most. Panelist Kinya Claiborne of Style & Society talked about her webmaster being her first hire. She loved to write and report on her blog, but wasn't the most skilled in managing her website, so she hired someone to help. Are you amazing at creating your product, but horrible at customer service? Your first investment should be an assistant. Do you love shooting your own photos, but you hate editing them? Consider hiring a professional editor. Building a brand takes time, but you can get to success much faster if you have help in the right areas. Constantly asses what your strengths are, and bring people on board who can help you grow.

Ok beauties - how are YOU working to build your own personal brand? Leave us a comment and make sure to bring Hue Noir along with you on the journey to success and breaking barriers.