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5 Makeup Colors You'll Need for Fall 2022

September 28 2022 – Paula Hayes

5 Makeup Colors You'll Need for Fall 2022

5 Makeup Colors You'll Need for Fall 2022

As we trade in light summer outfits for warmer, autumn worthy layers, it's clear that fashion brands have taken their queues straight from the color trends of New York Fashion Week Fall 2022/Winter 2023 (we recommend checking out Harpers Bazaar event summary). Outfits in colors ranging from rose violet and yellow to rusty orange, deep blues, greens, greys and even winter whites are everywhere. With such a diverse and somewhat unexpected palette of colors for Fall, ensuring your Fall makeup routine compliments the colors of the season can be tricky. We’ve analyzed the colors of the season using Pantone's Color Trend Report and pulled together makeup colors for Fall 2022. 


These are the top five makeup colors you'll need for the colors trending this Fall.


1) Bold Red 

Yep, a classic that never goes out of style! Bold red lip colors are being used to make a statement this season with their strong and beautiful shades that compliment virtually every color of the season. Adding a red lipstick to your Fall routine is a great way to update any look for the season. It can be a good way to stand out from the crowd, whether that's at work or out on the town. Cream finishes are trending this season but rocking a red matte lip is perfectly fine. Pair a statement red lip with a healthy, dewy base layer of foundation and you’re all set. Or try topping it with a lip gloss to give it the super glossy finish of lacquered lips which is also trending this season. Remember, there are so many different shades of red available that you're sure to find one that compliments you. Even deeper shades of red will work just fine to make a statement.



2) Metallic Shimmer 

After the last two years of staying home, skipping festivities, etc. due to the pandemic, the fashion color trends for Fall 2022 are far more expressive and adventurous. As a natural extension of the desire to be expressive, guilt free glitter is showing up in masses this Fall. And while the most adventurous among us are showing off body glitter or gemstone eyeliner, an easy way to opt into the trend is with shimmery eyeshadow. Shimmers in colors ranging from silver, gold, amber to lime green, blue, and fuchsia are all on the menu this season. These makeup colors seem to flawlessly compliment the color trends of Fall 2022. Match a shimmery eye with a gorgeous minimalist base layer of foundation and a neutral lip for a sophisticated take on guilt free glitter and you are sure to shine.  



3) Sapphire Blue Model with Sapphire Blue Eyeshadow

Sapphire Blue is the perfect eye color for all the various shades of blue that are on trend in fashion this season. With blues ranging from cool light blue to hypnotic deep blue and dark denim, a mesmerizing sapphire blue is just the shade to pull these looks together. The idea of wearing blue eyeshadow can be a little intimidating for some people but remember this isn’t the aqua blue of the 1970’s! Fortunately, this blue is far more sophisticated and sultrier and there are several ways to where it. You can embrace this deeper hue of blue as a full eye look by swiping it on the entire upper eyelid and use it as a liner below your lower lid for a statement eye. Or you can where it as the base color of a sultry smokey eye by pairing it with a dark sultry grey or black in the outer corner of your upper lid. Pair it with a plum lippie for a bold look or go with a neutral lip for a more subtle statement and you're set. Any way you where it, it is guaranteed to dazzle just like a sapphire.


4) Classic Autumn model with yellow eyeshadow and rustic red lipstick

Rusted red, upbeat oranges and deep sunny yellows are all great makeup colors for Fall 2022. These shades are warm and drum up the nostalgic feeling of the season. You will find lots of versions of these warm hues in the color trends for Fall 2022. Our go-to makeup colors to compliment this trend include bold rustic red on the lips, or deep sunny yellows on the eye lids. Other amazing shades include pumpkin orange and cranberry red for bolder statements or mid-range caramel shades for a more subtle take on the color trends for the season.  Of course, there is no rule that says you must where these classic shades of the season. But having them handy can’t hurt if you’re looking for an effortless way to pull together a classic look that complements the color trends of Fall 2022.



5) Amazon Green model with green eyeshadow

Amazon green is a great makeup color to introduced for the color trends of Fall 2022. It's a great way to make your eyes pop, and it certainly makes a statement. This color is adventurous and will look exception on all skin tones but will really pop if you have warm undertones. Some people find green a little intimidating to wear, but our suggestion is to embrace it, embrace adventure and have a little fun with it. You can wear it across your entire upper lid and use it as a liner under your lower lid. Add a little mascara and you are good to go! This color looks great with dark greys, light greys and even winter whites. Plus, it’s just fun to play up a statement eye in this mesmerizing shade of green and based on the color trends for Fall 2022, this is the season to go for it.



Endless Possibilities

The colors of this season are all about fun and adventure, but they are versatile enough to wear any way you choose. At the end of the day remember, makeup is a matter of self-expression. Your makeup routine should make you feel confident about putting your best self forward so do what works for you. The possibilities are endless with a little creativity and these 5 makeup colors for Fall 2022. In no time flat you'll pull off a flawless look sure to complement Fall color trends for 2022 and beyond.


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