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It's Our Anniversary

January 30 2021 – Paula Hayes

It's Our Anniversary

It's Our Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Hue Noir!!!

Twelve years ago I made up my mind that I would take a chance on me and use my background and experience to make products that inspire women to look and feel their best. AND, I would do it with women of color front of mind in our product development. It's taken more time that I expected but that dream came true. I'm proud of what we have accomplished. 

Today, Hue Noir Cosmetics is an independent beauty manufacturing company located in the Portland, Oregon metro area. Our makeup and beauty products are grounded in science, enhanced by technology and driven by innovation. We use our expertise to solve beauty product challenges for consumers and to respond to ever changing needs of beauty consumers.

Everything we do is built on a mission that all consumers deserve to look and feel their very best. And we believe that developing high-performance, high quality makeup and beauty products capable of meeting the needs of women of color, leads to exceptional products with true differentiation and inclusivity at its core.

Cheers to the next twelve years!

Paula Hayes