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Frequently Asked Questions

About Hue Noir Products

What makes Hue Noir's products different?

We believe that all products should be high performing with exceptional skin benefits. That's why we ensure that every Hue Noir product contains both ingredients that make them work well and luxury ingredients designed to pamper and care for your skin. We also manufacture in our own facility giving us control over our products and what is in them. That's right, Hue Noir products are made for us and by us. And, we guarantee our products will feel as good as they looks and will have healthy skin benefits.

Why do we formulate our foundation differently?

Hue Noir's True Hues Flawless Finish Foundation is formulated in an innovative proprietary process that ensures true and consistent shade applications in one of the most advanced foundation formulas developed specifically for women with nuanced and deeper skin tones. We combine scientific-based Research & Development, custom-made manufacturing equipment, leading-edge light and color technology, and innovative luxury ingredients to design textures and shades guaranteed to work for women of color. 

Does Hue Noir test products on animals?

No. Nor do our suppliers conduct animal tests on our behalf.  We use the highest quality ingredients, with proven safety records, and manufacture all our products to Food and Cosmetic Industry Standards required by the FDA. We require all of our suppliers to provide us with Certificates of Analysis on all materials we use in manufacturing. 

How can I find out what ingredients are in Hue Noir products?

All of our ingredients can be found on the product pages of our website. We also list our ingredients on the outer cartons of our product as required by the FDA.  If you have specific ingredient questions, please feel free to contact our customer service department at customerservice@huenoir.com.

Does Hue Noir use parabens?

The short answer is yes. We use an extremely small amount of preservative ingredients that contain parabens in many of our color formulas.

The long answer is preservatives prevent fungal, bacterial, yeast and mold contamination. With the high level of natural ingredients in our formulas, not using effective preservatives would require them to be refrigerated and used-up within a few weeks of production. We make all our products in compliance with FDA regulations and pay special attention to their ingredient requirements. Parabens are the most effective broad-spectrum preservatives approved by the federal Food & Drug Administration (FDA). They are so effective that they require very little to ensure our products safety (usually less than 0.5%). Alternatives like phenoxyethanol (a synthetic preservative) often lack the efficacy needed to prevent a broad range of microbes.  As a result, they often need to be used in tandem with other preservatives and at much higher quantities. In the case of phenoxyethanol, it is a known irritant to eyes and lips as described in FDA regulation reports and it is believed to be toxic at higher levels.

About Hue Noir Service

Need help picking a shade?

We can definitely help! Our customer service department is full of makeup addicts ready to assist. We can help you discern between shades or arrange to send you product samples to try. Please email us at customerservice@huenoir.com to get the process started.

Having a problem placing an order online?

We are here to help! Please contact our Customer Service department via email us at customerservice@huenoir.com. Our pros in customer service can fix the issue or generate your order on our end and email it to you!

Does Hue Noir charge sales tax?

No. Hue Noir headquarters are in Oregon, a state that does not have a sales tax.

How do I change or cancel my order?

If your order has not yet been shipped, please reach out to Customer Service at customerservice@huenoir.com to change or cancel your order.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards along with PayPal and ApplePay.

Can you ship internationally?

Hue Noir does not ship internationally at this time because of the many varying regulations governing the manufacture and distribution of cosmetics products in other countries.  We look forward to expanding internationally in the near future.

Can I buy Hue Noir products in a store?

Hue Noir will soon be available at a select prestige salons, spas, and boutiques.  For a location near you, please email us at info@huenoir.com.